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Big Data Analysis

Organizations use Big Data analysis to manage

Import & Export

Rich involvement in USA, CANADA, EU and UK

Turnkey Solutions

CentreNIC Software Solutions takes up projects under

Offshore Development

To get the best IT solutions, you don't need

Online support service

Support Ticket is a token to identify each customer’s

Help Desk

We provide services our clients as first come,

Our Solution

    Multi-factor authentication

    Prove identities using two or more verification methods before users can be authenticated.

    Mobile App Security

    Secure attackable mobile apps that are used to transfer money, open accounts, and store data.

    Risk Management

    Proactively detect fraud activities using real-time risk analysis and user-behavior intelligence.

    Document e-Signatures

    Secure data and ensure authenticity with our document e-Signature solutions.

    Encryption and Crypto Management

    Proven solutions for protecting data at rest or in motion and the cryptographic keys used to encrypt that data.

    Cloud Data Security

    Solution that enable organizations to protect data, identities, transactions, applications, and more in the cloud.

      Big Data Analysis

    Organizations use Big Data analysis to manage their inside information and customer information. Big data analytics is the process of examining large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. Centrenic Technology Ltd. give that solution and simplifies business intelligence (BI) for organizations who struggle to make sense of large and scattered data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing and visualizing complex datasets.

    With the help of this BI, anyone can understand their data, no matter how complex it is. Centrenic Technology Ltd. makes data analysis active, flexible and able to produce actionable results for companies within days, rather than months.  We do this by using an out –of-the box solution with award-winning technology that doesn’t require lengthy implementation or training, and allow businesses to be up and running quickly. This technology allows business users and analysts to freely explore their data, without relying on a patchwork of tools or extensive IT assistance – especially in complex scenarios.

      Import & Export

    Homeland Security, Airport, Disaster Management hardware, and so on. Recently we have provided our product at Bangladesh ARMY, Police and a several public and private organization. As a freight forwarder, CENTRENIC TECHNOLOGY LTD.  is a specialist and experienced "skill" accomplice in business matters, methods of transport, import and fair procedures and controls, as well as the most effective route planner from supplier to delivery destination. This service is provided from a one stop service point and executed and supported by specialized and dedicated teams that ensure your peace of mind. We will be happy to build up long - enduring benevolent business relations with all business accomplices around the world.

    Support & Services


    Help Desk

    We provide services our clients as first come, first serve.
    Remote Support:  It’s a cost effective technology that when customers face any trouble CentreNIC provide solution over phone, email / chat/ Skype.  
    On-site support: Customer and service provider are on the same site.
    If remote support is not working, customers cannot get benefited; problem does not solve then need to give onsite support
    24/7: To provide support and helping our customers, we provide 24hours support service online  
    Incident management: Each customer complain is individual case. CentreNIC technicians provide support and manage incidents.  
    Review and Escalation: Rating systems and customer feedback are important to improve our service. Also it will record employee’s feedback, their communications, suggestions for problems. Which employee suggests what?
    User Satisfaction Analysis: Customer rating system where customer rate service, give their feedback. It’s very helpful to improve our systems and solution.

    Knowledge base Development: Every case is individual but by putting exclusive cases in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) people can go through solutions by themselves. So no support service needed.

    Online support service

    Support Ticket is a token to identify each customer’s details and keep it safe for future use. This system maintains queue/ chronological order.  Firstly, Call centre operator with basic knowledge. If he cannot do it then he will transfer the call to the online expert. If that person also cannot satisfy the customer then moderator will disconnect the call and transfer to the shift in charge. In the same way if shift in charge cannot do then finally manager will handle it.

    Turnkey Solutions

    CentreNIC Software Solutions takes up projects under this service for a fixed price and takes all responsibility of execution and project management. These solutions are ideally suited for projects that are fairly well specified and require well-defined interfacing with the client. We have developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Infinity Software Solution’s mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the “on-time and on budget” delivery of software in the offshore mode. We use a highly effective IMPACT Methodology for offshore and distributed software development.

    Offshore Development

    To get the best IT solutions, you don't need to be geographically near us. That's because we offer quality offshore development center. Our offshore software solutions in application development and website development guarantee cost savings without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. Our 100% customer retention rates speaks for our quality, swift response and cost effectiveness that has fetched us a large number of clients from all parts of the world. These all feathers to our work make us a preferred offshore development house.

    Managed Service Model is based on a Total Client Experience

    CentreNIC TECHNOLOGY LTD. managed services is built upon the combination of industry best practice, and proactive support with a dedicated reactive support team. CentreNIC TECHNOLOGY LTD. completes projects only for our Managed Services clients focusing on the long term reliability and best value solutions.

    Long term system availability commences with the business need, and how this works best for you our client and for us to support the design. This results in a cost effective and high availability solution benefiting you.

    Timely and accurate feedback with expert advice at the best price possible. Our service will delight you. Customer service has always been the key in all the relationships CentreNIC TECHNOLOGY LTD. develops. System Availability & Accessibility Proactive support Systems Management Secure

    Corporate Training

    Since the inception of CentreNIC we are arranging and providing  training for our valued clients based on their requirements and the product that have purchased from the CentreNIC. This program takes in part to build the expertise of the employees of client organization which increase the productivity.
    We offer extends to product installation and corporate training for our High Technology product and provide customization of the course keeping in mind their business requirements. All trainings are provided according to corporate clients’ comfort and desire.
    We also appreciate and would like to arrange off site training, if any client wishes to get the service on their premises or anywhere.

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