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Centrenic is an important instrument to change in the Online Outsourcing landscape in Bangladesh. Centrenic organised training programs for IT professional to improve their capabilities to work in the online global job market. Centrenic helped youths resolve various problems regarding outsourcing. The main objective of this program was to develop human resources of our country, self-employment and increase the national income. The impact of this training was the development of the IT sector and e-generations which lead our country to the next level. In collaboration with Support to Digital Bangladesh (A2I) Program Centrenic have trained over 1200 people among 15 Districts out of 64.
Along with serving unemployed youths and students by providing basic online outsourcing based training as well as special skill trainings 'Nationwide Capacity Building for E-Generation'

The Task

Centrenic conducted Basic and Special Skill training throughout the nation under direct funding of The Government of The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh represented by The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.


Ensuring hands-on IT related training in two levels (Basic level and Special Skill) to help create opportunities through income generating activities. Harvest and yield future e-generation leaders of information technology, diminish unemployment, monitor progress and success to help achieve milestone success to the vision 20/21.

Training held in 180 batches among 64 districts and 60 Upazillas. Basic level training held in 56 batches and Special Skill trainings in 124 batches.



Trainees/ Beneficiaries

Basic Training was in 56 batches in 64 Districts. Number of Trainees/Beneficiaries were 56x70=3920.
Special Skill was in 124 batches in 64 Districts and 60 Upazillas. Number of Trainees/Beneficiaries were 124x60= 7440.

 Trainee/ Selection
MOICT took part in the primary selection and corresponded with all Governmental and related authorities. Centrenic finalised the selection of trainees though online based registration, examination and evaluation process. MOICT took necessary actions for all formal correspondence, campaign and marketing regarding the trainings nationwide. Centrenic participated in accordance to the correspondence made by MOICT and also took part in correspondence from their part as necessary.


Helpline And Online Content

A helpline was established for the trainees. After the training, the participants were to get support from the helpline. Online contents regarding the training were accessible for the participants. They got that support anytime after the training concluded.


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